Benefits of Treadmill Running

Oh yes! I’m going to talk about the famous hamster wheel!!!

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The treadmill is a really great way to start running. It has the most minimal impact on your knees since each step is being absorbed through the equipment. Designed to create the perfect running condition with no wind resistance or anything to trip over. Remember that running outside can get you killed if you get hit by a car or trip over crack. The treadmill can prevent all these things since you’re probably at home or in the gym with a smaller chance of having external factors against you.

Personal Safety is #1

Most treadmills have an incline option

Put on the incline to stimulate running uphill! When it’s raining, you can also stay indoors and not get yourself soaking wet to catching a cold (it’s a myth).

For women, you’re less likely to find that creeper waiting for you everyday when you run outdoors.

I bet you can’t do this while running!

You can also watch TV and stop running anytime you want without worrying about going too far Sharing is caring and if you have other runners in the family, you may all use it! I personally like the treadmill because when it’s very late out you can always run within your home if you own one.

There are Cons to every story! Read about it on our later posts!

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