Run Faster in 10 Steps

Every runner’s goal in life is to beat their PR and this is a straight up fact. When you’re on the training runs you’re always focused on your mile pace, your old time, and your goal time. It gets worst on a real race because now you’re pumped with adrenaline along with other runners that are also trying to beat their PR.

We become a pack of wolves!

Before I suggestion ways for you to run, don’t forget to read this article first:

Stop trying to PR your Runs

Well you probably didn’t click the link above since you’re too anxious like everyone else to beat your goal time. OK FINE! Let’s start

How to Run Faster:

1) Speed Training using Intervals.

You will never get faster efficiently if all you’re doing is trying to beat your fastest 5k without using intervals. The human body gets used to exercise using the same motion after a few weeks. If you’re trying to get 25mins flat on your 5k, try this

Sprint for 20-30 secs, Run Normally, Sprint for another 30 secs then take a break.

Speed Intervals

You get the picture, the point of this exercise is to get your “fast twitch” muscle fibers to get to work. Usually these fibers are used for emergency uses, fight/flight.

Note that you’re not trying to beat any PR time while doing this training. It may even take longer than your current time.

2) Run on different Terrain

The gym rat loves the hamster wheel (treadmill) and guess what happens when you transition from long distances on a treadmill and suddenly on pavement? Your knees will absorb impact that wasn’t there while on a treadmill.

Trail Running

If you’re only running on concrete go for a trail run and speed train on the treadmil

If you’re on the hamster wheel, switch to trails THEN concrete. Trails have less impact on your knees vs concrete.

If you’re a trail runner, either speed train a treadmill or concrete.

3) Good Form

Decide on how you want to run. Here are 2 ways for direction (there are others)

Heel Striking – or – Forefoot Strike

NOTE: There is NO RIGHT WAY TO RUN! Each side has their pros/cons this is an ongoing debate between runners on who is more injury prone.

4) Weight Vest

I would suggest doing your own research with a weight vest. They are helpful for speed training and overall safe when used properly. Do not go from 0lbs to 30lbs overnight.


These are safe because weight is distributed all around the body vs ankle weight which should never be used.

5) Lose the Belly

Diet Diet Diet is key! You can run 30 miles a week and still have a belly. The less fat you have on your body the faster you will get.


6) Coffee

Depending on the runner, if you’re a coffee drinker go ahead and drink. It will give you a boost due to the caffeine but make sure you’re also not drinking a 500 calorie drink with extra whip cream!

Coffee Running

7) Rest

The most important part of training is rest. Everyone neglects this because we know the best line is “no pain no gain”. That’s not always true and should be taken in consideration when you’re running high mileage. Take a week off if you haven’t had one in months.

Rest Running

8) GYM

Lift some weights, squat, bench,pull ups sit ups etc. A full body workout will benefit your running. Running takes up a lot of beating on the legs but don’t neglect that your back and core are also essential. Without the support of your back you wouldn’t even be able to walk!

Weights Gym

9) Minimize Accessories

Get rid of unnecessary items that won’t put yourself in danger. Don’t bring the cellphone, water, fuelbelt, hydration packs if you know you’re close to home or you have a buddy that’s running with you.

Use common sense, if you’re trying to PR a 5k you probably don’t need anything but if you’re trying to PR a 10 miler, you may need some support.

10) Hill Work

I love this and I hate it. When you’re running up a hill don’t expect to PR because your pace will drop dramatically. The pain in your quads and heavy breathing is the body saying it wants more!

Hill Workout

Take a long hike with a friend, this also compliments running because you’re going to be forced to use different muscles Another great thing is you can BRAG about how you PR’d reading @RUNNINGMILECOM ‘s Blog 🙂


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