Sweat on Car Seats Solution

It’s been a few years now since I bought the Seat Shield on Amazon. Let’s go over and review this once again now that it’s 2017.

This review is for runners and gym rats who love to sweat…also if you have what they call “swamp ass“.

Since I bought the seat shield, I have used it for different things.


Mainly after a training run when you’re sweating and about to get in your car. When my “gym” rat part of me is activated I usually hop in the shower and get in my car all clean. I don’t use it much after the gym but for most, this will help out. In my old post about the sweaty seat covers, I mentioned I had some dogs. They get in my car and there is always a cover and I never have to worry about cleaning it.

Ever go shopping and realize you don’t want to put the soup container on the top of your seats? I used this to prevent any spills on the passenger side seat.

The Seat Shield: 

The dimensions is roughly 29×60 +/- . I have tried this on about 5 car models because I take it with me when we run in a group and someone offers to drive. I never had a problem unless it was a truck which had a “bench” type seats. The top layer absorbs the sweat but keeps it odor free. It feels “leathry” , if that’s even a word.  The bottom layer feels more like a microfiber but it sort of sticks to the seat. Specially in cloth seats, it works well.

Also if you go on their web site, it says the melting point of the fabric is 300F.

Seat Shield


For me, I love the fact it’s machine washable, simply just throw it in the laundry after your workout and it will be clean. I don’t wash it that much…gross. But it doesn’t smell so I’m not too worried about someone thinking I have old gym clothing. I seriously also like how easy it is to put on and remove. Not once have I worried about it slipping on the side.


Honestly, I used this in the last few year and there was no cons. It’s one of those products that “does” it’s job. I been in situations where a part of the seat will get caught on something and I had to pull it. I thought it would rip but it didn’t.


If you’re looking for something to catch your sweat after a work out, you’re looking at the solution. There’s a few more brands out there but I trust this one since I virtually had no problems with it.

FYI Amazon has this 4.5 starts at 88 reviews at the time this is posted.

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