Art of Saying Hello to Runners

Hello! *WAVES* Hey! *Nods*

While running you will encounter a lot of people unless you’re in Alaska or running with Santa at the North Pole. Most people you will encounter are friendly who are getting their daily workout for the day. It doesn’t matter if you’re walking, running, cycling, you’re probably exercising to relax and getting rid of stress. Runners will run everywhere but you will always have that favorite trail near your home where you are a “regular”.

Check out these ways on saying hello:


-: Ha Ha Ha Ha :-

The easiest one to do with the least amount of effort. I purposely added the picture above because even if you’re wearing sunglasses you can still smile! When you smile, the person will mimic you and smile back. Also noding will give the same effect.

Wave :

Bear Waving

Waving will be more directed to the person and will cause them to either wave back or smile. It will also give the impression that you are friendly and confident on what you are doing. You can easily make friends this way.

Saying “HELLO” :

When greeting someone, they will be delighted that you are not just some random person. Eventually you will start to say hello to the right people and make friends along the way.

So why would we do this?

It’s common courtesy and will go a long way for everyone. Its YOUR community and it’s probably your neighbors who you will say Hi to. All it takes is one person to spread the love and once it becomes a regular thing to greet each other, the park/trail will become a friendly place to be. You never know who you will meet and they might not only be a friend but someone who can help you in other ways. It’s as easy as breaking the ice in the parking lot. “I seen you here before….” and there goes your conversation!



Not everyone will greet you back & you should not take it personally. The worst that can happen is, NOTHING! Think about it, the person may:

  1. Have not seen you
  2. Headphones are on blast
  3. Looking away (not on purpose)
  4. In their work out “trance”
  5. Having a bad day
  6. Said hello but you didn’t hear!


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