5 years from now I’ll own a GTR

All of this law of attraction talk is motivating me to hit my goals. There’s a lot of youtubers and articles about this whole concept and I have been in the right track. We even hear celebrities talking about this and it’s all the same concepts. Everyone had a goal in mind and they somehow accomplished it, even when the odds were NOT in their favor. I’m in the point of my life where I believe I’m able to control most of my decisions. A few days ago I was on youtube drooling over high end race cars. Ferraris/Lambos were on my top list but I remember my childhood favorite, which was a Nissan Skyline.

I don’t like watching these exotic car videos because I know I will never EVER have them. 

Suddenly it hit me…just like that. Of course I’ll NEVER get it because I believed I’ll never get it. I lost the battle even before I started. So I literally spent the next few hours wishing I had brought back my childhood dreams of owning “GODZILLA”. I look back in the my past and everything always pointed forward. There was a time in my life where I drove a beat up 90s Civic and I was always so jealous of everyone with newer cars. When the CRZ came out, I actually test drove it at the dealership but I never owned it until….about 2.5 years later. My current situation at the time didn’t let me buy it.

Since I believed I wanted it, I did everything and attracted everything. Easy enough right?

A full marathon was also an impossible goal

230lbs and never ran a 5k in my life was the most ideal situation haha! I put my whole life into running and this is how this blog even started. One run after the other I attracted everything the universe had to offer to help me get my endurance. Fast forward 2 years later, I ran the San Francisco Marathon. One more goal that was marked off. My choices in life at that time made it so I was able to complete this race. The limiting factor was myself. ME! I did not let anything happen.

The Nissan GTR

In order for me to succeed in this goal it will take more than everything I have right now. I know the struggle but I also know how I’m limited. The limitation is about 10% on money and 90% on myself. The only way I will fail is if I quit believing myself. I need to keep in my head exactly what driving this car will feel like and what color. I want the car in matte black or gray. The car can either be new or used depending on the price range. Of course if I have that amount of money I would still probably opt for the used, it’s just a better way to allocate money. 5 years from now I will probably have kids so a car seat in the back is OK. Just the thought of “flooring” the car makes me feel I’m already there, I just don’t have it at the moment.

So…here it is, putting myself accountable for it.


Nissan GTR

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