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Memorial Day promo code for Spartan Race

What do we have here? A memorial day promotion code for us Spartans. Use Promo Code : MEMORIAL Expires 5/27/15 It’s been quite a while since I did a mud run and I’m going to do the San Francisco one in JULY. It’s a little too short and easy but this should be fun. Let

New Year Resolution : Spartan Aroo!!

What’s good with your new years resolution? Did you know that a lot of people’s top 3 is to “lose weight for new years?”. I have to give it up to the Reebok Spartan Race series, they have been very good to myself and our team. It’s the time of year where you’re trying to

Spartan UP! by Joe De Sena

I had the opportunity to read a little bit about the Spartan UP! Synopsis. It was pretty interesting on what the book will cover. It tells you about everything to improve yourself overall, not just food and diet. The mindset of a Spartan will get covered in this new upcoming book. I think it’s going

408k Race to the Row San Jose,CA

This year it’s looking bright for me since I been working with a few different companies. I found Represent Running through IG (or they found me) and we connected. Well today I been working with them and became part of the 408k Ambassador! Let me describe what this race is about since its a little

Northern California 10-Miler Series Discount

Did you guys see the discount code? The Northern California 10-Miler Series is promoting a new code.

Singapore Runner Cheats

I love reading running news and makes me smile each time I see one that’s highlighted on Yahoo! News. Not all news are good news and here is one that’s a disgrace to the community. I could careless but there are just certain things I’d like to point out.

World Championship Spartan Race

I just can’t keep Spartan Races away from my life! I’m surrounded by people wanting to do these races and nothing beats the adrenaline. A few months ago I posted that Spartan Races is going live . 30-sec Spartan NBC Sports Promo from SpartanRace on Vimeo. Well I saw on their web site that you

Upcoming Race: Foster City 10 Miler

You guys want to know something great? Corrigan Sports has a trio of races in Northern California called the 10-Miler Series! From the looks of it, this will be a real fun adventure of people who wants to run their first half marathon. Perfect time to be training and racing at the same time. They

Spartan Races is going LIVE

NBC? REEBOK SPARTAN RACE? For all you coach potatoes out there and being a lazy butt, you can watch Spartan Races on NBC Sport’s TV Special. They will feature the World Championship which is in Vermont so if you’d like to get a chance to be on the special, share your story! Get 15% OFF

San Francisco Marathon 2013 Update

It’s right around the corner, literally from today! It looks like the San Francisco Marathon organizers are taking extra precautions due to the Boston Marathon Bomber. There will be restrictions like this one which I’m pretty angry about: 2.  Any type of container or carrier exceeding 8½-by-11-by-4 inches will not be permitted on the course.