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5 Reasons to run bay to breakers 2018 and get $5 Off

5 Reasons why I run Bay to Breakers every year UPDATE FOR 2019: Check out this post: Let’s face it, Bay to Breakers is one of the most unique races in the world. I’m a runner and have ran 5ks all the way up to a full marathon, I have about 40+ races under my

Wow What’s this – Spartan Race Season Pass 2017

Oh…is this Savings I hear with passes?? It’s been a while since I wrote about our friends over at Reebok Spartan Race. This year I wasn’t able to participate due to a crazy running schedule and helping out with a start up company. I just got news that there will be 3 types of passes

Can you seriously go straight to a Spartan Beast?

This year, in my network, there has been a lot of Spartan Race talk and I always answer the same question. Everyone is always like “Jason, have you done a trifecta?” My honest answer is always 100% of the time is “Nope, I haven’t.”. Then they ask me why I don’t challenge myself to get

How I met Spartan Race

Back then there was no puzzle pieces to the trifecta and none of this fancy stuff. The year was 2012 , 3 years ago around this time. It was a time that nobody knew much about the Spartan Race. Everyone knew what Tough Mudder was all about and the type of obstacle race. Don’t ask

Across the Bay 12k Race 2015

Can’t wait until the end of April and as part of #TeamRuntheBay I’m fortunate enough to promote such a nice race. With just a little over a week until Race day, I completely neglected training. If you haven’t read my updates on RunningMileCom instagram updates, you probably didn’t know. As an avid runner and completely

Berkeley Half Marathon Review

There was only one reason why I decided to run this Half Marathon. Since I ran the Wipro San Francisco Marathon, I was eligible to get a challenge medal. In other words, if you ran any of the races from the SF Marathon, you will get an extra medal for running the Berkeley Half. Unfortunatly,

US Half Marathon 2012 Review

This is a late review for the US Half in San Francisco. Somehow I missed creating this because I was too busy running. Luckily I Love blogging about running and here we go! Back in 11/3/2012, I decided I wanted to do a Half Marathon. This was my very first one and I was nervous.

RunDisney 2013 Half Marathon Review

My 2nd half marathon and this was by far the most “FUN” and “EXCITING” race I have done so far. I don’t know what other races will come close to this. There’s a reason why this gets sold out 6+ months ahead of time (in about a day!)  and  $186!

San Francisco Marathon 2013 Review

I ran my first marathon here in San Francisco, back on June 16th, 2013. The course itself had plenty of beautiful scenery even for those who are familiar with the area, you’ll still get excited looking around. You won’t regret running the Wipro San Francisco Marathon except for the hills but that is what makes

Spartan Beast Sacramento

Back on Nov 17th, 2012 I did my first Spartan Race series and it had to be the 13+ Miles aka Spartan Beast.