Bay To Breakers Promo code 2019 $5 Off

Well it’s the time of year again when we all want to run Bay to breakers.

I will be running this race for the 6th time and every time, I always end up finding some random costumes. This race lands on a few races I’d like to run but I really don’t want to break my streak. I like seeing all the funny costumes and we all know they look the other way when you’re drinking. But don’t get caught! You didn’t hear that from me but I highly discourage getting wasted on a running course. This is an actual run, but it’s very informal haha! The course always runs through San Francisco and if you’re a tourist, this will be one of the most memorable races you will ever run. Trust me! But I get it, not everyone wants to see a bunch of drunk naked people LOL.

So here’s a really cool tip to get $5 off bay to breakers.

I made this super easy so you guys can get a discount and have tons of fun. If you ever see me, please come up to me and say hello. I like meeting new runners before, during or after the race.

I highly recommend getting VIP because the race gets so packed, the VIP area actually gives you room to breath. 

It’s only a 2 step process to enter but you’d have to add my name to it because the promo code won’t work with the referral. (I do get comp’d but it goes to a raffle so I only have a small chance of getting something) 

But here we go. So there is 2 parts and I have no idea why they did it this year.

Go here:

So under the referral, you’d put my name “Jason Tolentino”. Just as you see below. Then BEFORE check out, you need to enter the referral code which is  B2BReferralProgram


bay to breakers promo code



Bay to breakers promo code check out

The pricing won’t last so the image above will show it at $64.99 and by the time it gets closer the price will even become higher.

So register today because if you know you’re running it, do it now before it jumps again!

Happy running everyone and I hope to see you guys at race day morning. It will be early so get your coffee ready.

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