Nike+ Sportband Review

The best investment I have made in my running career. It’s very simple and granted that Nike made something so well and comfortable on the wrist. This is great for tracking your progress down to the very mile.

Gear Description : A Gizmo with 3 pieces. An adjustable band that holds a receiver that looks like a mini watch with a USB. The Nike + Sensor (Accelerometer) which goes in your shoe.

Gadget Uses : Tracks Time,Mileage, Pace, Chronograph, Calories. Data uploads to either Nike+ or a 3rd party which will sync it via Nike+.

Recommended for : Basic running data keeping and for people who do not want to use the iphone App

Costs : $60 USD 

Price has went up since this post was updated

This is the Nike+ sensor which will be on your shoe. Nike has made it so that you need shoes with Nike+ built in (has a hole inside the sole with a “+” on the side). However not everyone has a pair of Nikes and you can purchase accessories to stick the sensor on top of your shoe. I’m using a small pouch that is on top of my shoe to sync with the sportband. There is a small battery inside and is expected to last over 1000 “active” hours. Source :

Wearing the Nike SportBand


Nike+ Sportband with Sensor

Nike Sportband and Nike Sensor

The band is very comfortable and adjustable. I have the special LIVE STRONG version 🙂 Also as you can see there are 2 buttons on the receiver. The bottom button under the 0.26 is a menu and all that does is show your last run (miles,chron, pace, time, and calories) or your total week.

The round top button is your start and go which takes 3 secs to activate then one more push to start running. The only thing I don’t like about it is how there is a hole right under the receiver and if you’re sweating water accumulates.

If you’re running in the rain, I would highly recommend wrapping it with plastic or have a long sleeve. The device can get a little bit of water on it and will not break but it’s better to be safe than sorry. I ran the turkey trot in San Jose, CA (sprinkling) and my nike sportband was wet but it was still working.


Nike+ Sensor on Shoe

No worries! There are a lot of techniques that people use and I found a pouch on Amazon for about $5 and that solved my problem. It just attaches to your shoelaces and the sensor is being held. Fair warning, you will have to calibrate it for sure right after you wear it!


It’s a great  buy if you want something really, I mean REALLY, simple watch.


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