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Sweat on Car Seats Solution

It’s been a few years now since I bought the Seat Shield on Amazon. Let’s go over and review this once again now that it’s 2017. This review is for runners and gym rats who love to sweat…also if you have what they call “swamp ass“. Since I bought the seat shield, I have used

Core 150 Shaker Review

I’m catching myself spending money on quality gear. First it was the Crown weight lifting glovesĀ and now it’s a protein shaker bottle. I was searching through Amazon and found the Core 150 .

Crown Weightlifting Gloves Review

I had the chance to pick up some workout gloves and went online to find some reviews. I couldn’t find anything that I wanted and my old gloves were really worn out. I went on Amazon to search for the best workout gloves since my local Big 5 didn’t have anything good. As a runner

Bose Sie2 Sport Headphones Review for Running

These sport headphones are popular among runners because of the sound quality and the functionality for a runner. I received these as a birthday present last year and it’s the longest pair of earphones that I have used.

Newton Running Shoes

Normally I would give a review on my first run but the Newton running shoes are different. Eccentric. I love the shoes so far and now I have my conclusion for this shoe. Went to Road Runner Sports in San Carlos,CA . I’m a big fan of New Balance and I had no intention of

Review : PEARL iZuMi

I love this brand since the first time I seen it online! I just haven’t had a chance to order anything online. But the great news is there’s a retail location which is located about 60 miles from San Francisco,CA and I ended up stopping by on my way back from my 4th of July

Seat Shield Review

The Problem: Sexy Sweat in your Seats As runners or gym rats, we all sweat no matter what we do. Specially for distance runners, the sweat is from head to toe and after a 10 mile run you’re probably tired, hungry, and ready to change.

Nike Running Sucks Tshirt

The first time I saw this shirt on someone, I knew from the way it was cut and type of font, Nike made it. There was no way I could pass this up! A few months later (today)

Nike+ Sportband Review

The best investment I have made in my running career. It’s very simple and granted that Nike made something so well and comfortable on the wrist. This is great for tracking your progress down to the very mile.