3 Ways to Keep you Running

When you’re on the run, there will be times that you will simply, give up. In every runner’s life there will be days, weeks, or even months that you’re going to feel demotivated. Short runs will feel like they’re 10 miles long and long runs just won’t happen. You have to accept this fact.

“Not all Runs are Created Equal”

1) Sign up for a Race

YOU need to set up a goal which you will be obligated to do. Signing up for a race costs money and you’re also going to be hyped up when you’re registered. So it’s either you don’t race and lose all of that or have some fun and keep on running.

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2) Find a New Running Buddy

Notice that I used the word “New”. That’s because your old running buddy didn’t motivate you enough to keep you going. Join a running group and meet some new people.

Most running groups will gladly accept new people just like you and don’t even worry about the pace. There will always be the fast runner and the casual runner so don’t be afraid say hello.

Running Club

3) Take A Week Off

Depending on how long you have been slacking, taking a FULL week of absolutely doing nothing will help you physically and mentally. 1 week will help your body recover all the micro-tearing that you created in all the mileage you accumulated.

“Tomorrow I’ll wake up and do some P90x, meet a really nice girl and….”

Don’t be afraid of this time period that you’re going to lose it all. That is simply a MYTH. It is impossible to lose everything in a week. However, the first few runs after the week will not be your best but once you’re back up, you are more stronger than ever!

Cheers – RunningMileCom

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