5 Reasons to run bay to breakers 2018 and get $5 Off

5 Reasons why I run Bay to Breakers every year

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Let’s face it, Bay to Breakers is one of the most unique races in the world. I’m a runner and have ran 5ks all the way up to a full marathon, I have about 40+ races under my belt. Every year, I look forward to this race not because I want to be the fastest; I like the “experience”. Do not expect lots of “serious” runners in this race because a majority is just there to party.

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1)      Location. The race cuts in the middle of San Francisco all the way to the ocean. You can never go wrong because along the route, you have a lot of people cheering you on and partying outside. The whole city comes alive and it gives you that “San Francisco” feel to it. You run through difference neighborhoods with their own unique style. There’s the famous “Hayes’ Hill challenge, where you try to run up the hill as fast as you can. Most people end up walking..haha! Once you finish, you end up at the ocean and there’s food,drinks and live music.

2)      History. I just need to add this here because it’s underrated lots of runners forget about it.  The race was started in 1912 and is the biggest foot race in the world. I think another race broke the world record but still, it’s great to know there are so many runners out there. So why wouldn’t you want to be a part of this?

3)      Starting Line. I love the tortillas flying around and hitting people’s heads. I like the inflatable beach balls that are thrown straight to your face. The smell of alcohol and marijuana all mixes in, although it’s technically not legal but people still do it. All the random costumes that you see and people really take the time to work on their costumes. It will get packed in the corrals but you’ll be OK, just say hi to everyone and make a friend.

4)      Cheerleaders and Trolls. Not really actual cheerleaders but just people outside of their homes having fun and watching you run. You see hundreds of signs rooting and trolling runners on the course. People set up tables which are not supposed to be on course but let’s just say sometimes security/police look the other way. However don’t try anything sneaky while on course because security will confiscate your beer. I seen people selling food and alcohol even though it’s prohibited. This is look down upon the race organizers but no matter what we all know it still happens. But as a word of warning, stay safe out there and don’t get yourself in trouble.

5)      Costumes. This is what makes the race alive. Everyone has a costume on and it’s their unique identity that makes this race fun. I see tons of costumes over the years, spiderman, minions, robots, superman. Etc. It may be the only race that if you’re NOT wearing  a costume, it will make you look funny. Go ahead and wear a costume to be part of the cool kids. It’s so fun that some people even forget to wear their costumes : )

Personally for me, this race, jump starts my summer since it’s in late May. The weather is great but does get warm. If you’re a serious runner, at least run this race once but don’t expect to PR. I would highly recommend this race to visitors of San Francisco. It gives you a very unique experience.

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