You are your own enemy

It’s real easy to blame someone else for your own problems. It makes you feel good that you were able to delegate your problems to someone else. You start by lying to yourself and eventually you were able to lie that you believed it yourself.

Prime Examples by RunningMileCom

When I first wanted to lose weight, almost 10 years ago I knew nothing about nutrition and exercise. What’s in a calorie? A sandwich is more healthier than a hamburger. Don’t eat after 6PM. The mind set and goals were set but I didn’t have the necessary tools. Over the course of months I learned the basics of controlling my weight and how I can improve myself physically. I lost 30lbs in 3 months because I controlled my calorie intake. At the time it was my greatest achievement and everyone asked me for advice. My life was so good and there was nothing else in my way. I will never gain weight again! Well……

Eventually I gained it all back

I can still remember my “valid” excuses when I gained it back. I blamed college because I was so busy studying that it was too easy to eat Mcdonalds. College friends were always asking me to go out and I gave my blame to them. Pointed fingers at huge corporations for making me fat. Typical excuses from someone who wanted to lose weight. Most people love using the line, “What do you do when your friends drink every weekend?”. I was so special and so spoiled that I never have issues. I was fat because everyone targeted me when I tried to get up.

It was me all along

Why did I not stop myself from going out? I could have meal prep earlier and ate more nutritious food. I let the worse of me ahead of the best of me. I had the impression that I was obligated to go out or make myself have an easier time by eating unhealthy food to save time. It was as easy as saying “No”. Override your brain to follow your dreams. However there was a problem with just “me” because I did not have any mentors. Nobody told me to stop blaming others for my failures when it was me the whole time making poor decisions.

Bring in Good Influence

I can’t express how much my instagram channel is my new life. By bringing in good people into your life you’re able to level up to places you would never reach alone. I made poor decisions because I didn’t know if it was right to be different. It’s easy to read what I just said but a lot of people do NOT follow. I  was.. I am.. still scared to jump off and take risks but I’m getting better at it. You have to bring people in your life that benefit you. Remove the people that do not benefit you. I’m not saying cut all ties, but stay far from a distance.

Think of good influential people like in a race. You are running your own race but everyone has the same goal to meet at the finish line. The people behind you are the ones you’re also trying to bring up. They follow your stride and push you when you’re falling back. The ones next to you and a few seconds ahead are your closest people. We want to keep them around because we are a team and cannot live without each other. However the guys double your pace are the ones who influence you.

You may never reach as far as them but you still finish damn strong!

Do not go in disbelief

The moment you fail to believe that you can do it, you’re back to square one. You deleted the good files in your head and programmed it to become a virus again. When all is positive, it’s easy to have high beliefs. You are in a point of time where you actually believe you are there. But when something fails your world comes to crumbles. That moment, is when everyone gives up and lacks the motivation to go ahead. This is where you know you’re strong and you will rebuild again. Extreme highs means Extreme lows and this is the honest truth. It’s healthy to have lows and you need to believe you can recover from it tomorrow. This is when you go back to your team and empower each other to succeed again. It’s an endless cycle of failures but if you never act you will never succeed



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