I want to remove negative people in my life

Thank you Tyrese Gibson. An unlikely source but today you’re a hero in my book. I love your music but I had no idea you had a collection of motivational speeches and books.


It’s been a few years since I started a new career and I have found the door to move out of it. I work in a high stress environment and blaming others and pointing fingers is a daily thing. It’s so bad that I am now immune to it since I am always on my toes. I’m always ready to “fight back” and my shield is always on. I live like this every single day and I did not realize it has went too far. I lost control of decisions making because I am way too tough and not flexible.

It is my OWN fault.

Today I figured it out. I’m not that person who NEEDS to put up with anyone’s crap. People tell you not to think about it and don’t let these people talk you down. The same people that tell you not to worry about it, is also the ones taking the same crap. It’s a never ending “bad” energy that poisons your “good” energy. It’s a battle that I won’t win if I don’t get away from the negative power.

It’s always the people who has something negative to say. The same people who tells everyone that someone else is negative to them. They point fingers at each other and yell. Do you know who these people are? To tell you the truth, Tyrese was the one who explains it well. These people are co-workers, close friends, family, bloggers, etc. Those people do not want to see you succeed beyond their own dreams. In other words they are commonly known as “haters”. They bring you down because you are getting better.

The real issue is them and they do not accept it.

Each person in your life is a partial image of yourself because the people who influence you are the ones closest to you. It’s real cruel for me to dump a few people out of my life but they bring me hatred with negative energy. Why should I accept it when I would rather accept positive energy from others. If you were in a bakery and saw 2 pies. There’s a pie that is missing 1/4 of it but otherwise fresh. Then there’s a pie that is 100% whole but has mold on it. I am the first pie, I lost a chunk but otherwise I’m good.

It was all God’s plan

Before this job, I specifically prayed for job opportunities. All I wanted was a stable job and good pay and god didn’t give that to me. At one point during this career path I asked god why you’d give this to me? I prayed and you gave me overwhelming stress with bad pay. Eventually he answered some of it and I was blessed with 2 (nice penny) raises in a year. God was still not done with me and I wasn’t done with him. I was still stressed out and went to an even higher level. God..why are you doing this to me? I learned everything I need to know and I can exceed in my career. All the tools are within my reach, why am I being held back

God threw a curveball

Just in the last few days I started to learn the concept of the law of attraction. I bought a few books the improve myself being and to fix myself. This is the reason why this blog post is being published. I learned another lesson to become successful. God knew I was probably going to eventually quit and pack up without learning life changing lessons. See, I believe God never let me down in the first place. For sure, he threw me in hell and have them give me a beating. But you know what, I was never EVER let go. My guardian angel (random fact, the last word “angel” was word count 666 by coincidence because it’s god’s way of being anonymous) was there holding me and did not for one second blink. I was thrown in because he wanted me to see my full potential. He wanted me to know that I fought the strongest battles and I single-hand won the war.

Now I’m in a safe place and if in the near future my boat sinks I know exactly what to do and what to prepare for. Therefore, thank you god for allowing me to learn how to swim.

I don’t need unwanted weight so I can drown to the bottom

God Bless my fans and everyone.




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