You shouldn’t live in the past

This goes for pretty much anything in any situation. It can be a relationship choice, career, business, etc. Don’t be scared to move forward with your choices when you have already thought this through. I know it’s difficult and I’m not the best person to let things go but when you had enough, you had enough. There is no one in the world that can tell you otherwise. Remember that’s its your life and you will burn bridges. Some bridges are easier to burn while others will try to ask you to come back.

Do not come back

You were strong enough to decide you want to make your current situation your past and wasted time making a decision. The people that want you back, knows your value. They took advantage of you at the present time and you figured that out. Your strength is summed up and you finally let go. Everyone realizes how important you are and your decisions were actually right.


No more Mr. Nice Guy/Gal, you want to move on and knew what was best for you. It’s selfish but its all about YOU. Each move forward they are looking at you but you’re facing the other way. The moment you look back, you failed yourself all over again. Keep your focus because you made a plan for yourself while you were with them. They are the ones who did not change. You tried to change them but you failed and actually got hurt. Don’t let them walk over you again.

Look straight, move forward and don’t ever lose your passion. You will win because you are goal-driven and you decided your own fate.

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