Review : PEARL iZuMi

I love this brand since the first time I seen it online! I just haven’t had a chance to order anything online. But the great news is there’s a retail location which is located about 60 miles from San Francisco,CA and I ended up stopping by on my way back from my 4th of July vacation.

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Ended up getting a few things since it’s a rare opportunity for me to go in this location.

  • Regular shirt that is 100% “organic” cotton 🙂
  • Select series shirt 100% polyester
  • 24oz water bottle, made from a company called Polar Bottle

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The shirt on the right is the one that’s 100% organic cotton and obviously will only be good for short runs since cotton will give you bloody nipples after a long run. I bought the shirt just for everyday and I’ll probably never run with it. I think of it as the cool shirt that everyone who knows this company will smile! It fits a bit loose but still snug and comfortable. Not much to say for this shirt since I haven’t even worn it for a day yet.

The left shirt pictured, is their select shirts which looks like their entry level shirt. It’s 100% Polyester which means in other words, it’s an athletic/running shirt. I’m very IMPRESSED on the quality. I had my share of many brands and this one looks like it’s made to last longer than others. The shirt is snug which is a good thing because you don’t want it too big because it’s not good for running.

The water bottle holds water! …. Actually I like it because of the design and the logo.


I misplaced the receipts but the tag for the regular shirt was $25, and I think I got a discount from the sale. The Select shirt was $27 which was also on sale but originally $36. The price is great for a premium shirt and don’t forget this isn’t a brand that makes just shirts, they specialize on it


I can’t wait to run in these and the brand lives up to the hype. Although I REALLY wanted their shoes but I just couldn’t go on a shopping spree. I’d like to get some in the future and they probably won’t disappoint me 🙂

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