Spartan Races is going LIVE


For all you coach potatoes out there and being a lazy butt, you can watch Spartan Races on NBC Sport’s TV Special. They will feature the World Championship which is in Vermont so if you’d like to get a chance to be on the special, share your story!

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Every Spartan has their story and Spartan Races will give you the opportunity to share it on camera.

Come to think about it, I have my story and here’s a small summary of it

Exactly a year ago I didn’t know what I got myself into. I had the stamina for long distance running (UP TO 10miles at the time) but I lacked the upper body strength.

I had a friend who I just met and we became close running/fitness buddies as time went on. She signed up for Spartan Beast Sacramento due to a living social deal I linked her and since I provided the link there was no way I could back out.

From August until November I worked out pretty hard. I even dreamed about this damn race because I was so worried I didn’t have the strength for it.

Although there’s always room for “more” I did complete it. >> Read More

I have seen people with bigger stories and I’m just part of the statistic of success stories.

Why Spartan Race?

It’s tough and very challenging. If you ever wanted to differentiate yourself from the pack, this is one step towards that goal. This race will take a toll on your mental status.

Today, I’m much more confident because of this race. It’s damn cliche but it’s the truth. don’t even bother with a Sprint or Super until you do the Beast first. CHALLENGE YOURSELF


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WINNER will be chosen by 8/31/2013

Don’t Forget to watch them on NBC SPORTS!

Register today for the 9/21 Event.

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