Nike Running Sucks Tshirt

The first time I saw this shirt on someone, I knew from the way it was cut and type of font, Nike made it. There was no way I could pass this up! A few months later (today) I finally found the shirt in Nike’s Bay St. Store in Emeryville,CA. I’m surprised I went the San Francisco,CA Store and they never seem to have it.

*This location is now CLOSED.

Updated (12/1/2013): No longer available from Nike. However you may find very similar shirts here : Running Sucks Alternatives


For obvious reasons, you know exactly what it says. This shirt comes in a few colors such as Green on Gray or Blue on White, you can find it here -> Nike Running Sucks Shirt . The cool thing about the shirt is, that the lettering on the front is actually “Reflective“. So when you’re running in the dark, it can be seen when light it shined on it.


Very important thing to know about running shirts is the type of material the manufacturer is using. Cotton is NEVER EVER a good idea because it holds in moisture and your nipples can also stimulate chafing aka Bloody Nipples. It’s broken down by a blend of 50% Cotton, 25% Polyester 25% Rayon. This is a good thing!

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It fits snug around your upper body which gives it pull on top of your nipples. I like how it’s tight up there because it will prevent chaffing. Around the arms, its a little tight so it gives you that muscular look. The length is long and unlike my Pearl Izumi shirt, it’s longer. There’s nothing wrong with a longer length or a shorter length, its by your own preference. I’m 5’8″ so it lands right below my jean pockets.

It gets loose around your lower body which is great so you can hide your love handles 🙂

Running sucks arm logo


Came out to be $30. Nike Dry-fit shirts aren’t cheap. The price is normal for a quality running shirt.


The shirt is great for everyone. Althought the text on the shirt might be an issue. If you’re like me who can take some funny jokes and able to give a smile when someone looks at you funny, then by all means buy it!

nike shirt

Who might get offended:

I have not worn the shirt much since I just bought it. From what I read, people in the gym will look at you funny and give blind stares. I don’t see why a fellow running would get mad, its a joke get over it and live life. Wearing the shirt might give an impression that you’re a douchbag, but I think its hilarious. Don’t you see the sarcasm?

Personally, I’d say something if I saw you running in this same shirt next to me.


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