Core 150 Shaker Review

I’m catching myself spending money on quality gear. First it was the Crown weight lifting gloves and now it’s a protein shaker bottle. I was searching through Amazon and found the Core 150 . I noticed that it also had a pill/protein storage that was built-in inside.

As a runner and “sort-of-like-a-cross-fit-weightlifting-spartan-race guy” I needed a quality protein shaker and back in the day I had horrible experience with the cheap ones.

I needed a few things while I was shopping for a protein shaker.

  • Easy to clean and remove the filter
  • Storage for protein powered and pills
  • Large sized
  • Awesome color

I came upon Core 150

core 150 protein shaker

I’m always on the run because my job requires me to be on job sites. Carrying a laptop bag and equipment, I had to find something minimal and I don’t like to waste space.

Let’s take a look at this protein shaker with the storage shall we?


It’s a 1 liter protein powder shaker with 3 separate storage containers that can lock with the filter. You can put the powder storage inside the bottle to save spacecore 150 protein storage

As you can see above, the storage goes on the filter underneath the cap.

core 150 shaker layoutDimension:

core 150 dimension

core 150 lock


This is the best feature since you can slide the storage box out of the filter so you can clean it up easily. It’s simple and looks pretty durable

core 150 with energy gels

I just had to take a picture with energy gels for those of you who run, we need this! They actually fit well but since you’re not going to run with this bottle, it’s not going to work while you’re running.

core 150 with protein powerThe grand finale, using the storage boxes for it’s main purpose. The one on the left is one scoop of ON 100% Whey. The middle is fish oil and fiber. The last one, on the right is C4 Pre-workout

I don’t take much protein during the day since this is only for an 8 hour shift at work. Normally I take one in the morning, during the day and sometimes before bed depending if I still need more protein. The only bad thing I didn’t like was using it as a pill storage (not intended for it) because these were made for protein powder.

Final Words:

I would rate this 9/10 and it’s as good as it gets. If you’re looking for a smaller bottle, this will not work for you since it’s pretty large. It seals tight and I have no leakage while shaking my protein powder.

One thing I didn’t like was I couldn’t order the colors I wanted on Amazon since the only blue color was avialble for Prime shipping. All the cool colors were as an “add-on”.

Check out all the nice colors below:

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