New Year Resolution : Spartan Aroo!!

What’s good with your new years resolution? Did you know that a lot of people’s top 3 is to “lose weight for new years?”. I have to give it up to the Reebok Spartan Race series, they have been very good to myself and our team. It’s the time of year where you’re trying to decide on what to do for your weight loss program.

The best way I personally achieved losing weight was to sign up for running races because you’re forced to train. Think about it this way, it’s like buying tickets to a concert and you don’t use it. If you put all your legitimate excuses aside, you’re left with training and a good diet. By “legitimate excuse” I’m talking about if you’re literally sick or have an injury that will put you out.

I hope to do another race this year and luckily I’m in California and they are pretty active on this side of the nation. I’m close to a lot of the races and I don’t necessarily have to fly.

Who wants to join a race with me? Comment and Tweet me and we will give you a race code!! I will randomly choose winners in mid January!

Here’s a Spartan Race Discount Code, use : SPARTANBLOGGER and get 10% off!!

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