Seat Shield Review

The Problem: Sexy Sweat in your Seats

As runners or gym rats, we all sweat no matter what we do. Specially for distance runners, the sweat is from head to toe and after a 10 mile run you’re probably tired, hungry, and ready to change.

Since I just bought a Honda CRZ, our cloth seats love to absorb sweat and any type of liquid that comes in contact. Don’t get me wrong, every car with cloth seats will attract sweat.

Pet Owners: Look Familiar? (No worries this didn’t stain my seats)

Wet Dog Paw Seats

Back on Topic

Let’s get the Sweatproof Seat Cover – Waterproof SeatShield
start sweating! I purchased the “EliteSport Seat Shield” for $34.95 on their web site.

And I quote from their site:

The EliteSport is made one inch wider and 4 inches longer than the UltraSport to provide more coverage of the seat. The EliteSport also adds a urethane coating to the underside of the SeatShield which may reduce sliding as you get in and out of the car depending on how the seat was made or treated. The urethane is clear so there is no transfer to leather seats in hot weather.

The EliteSport provides our best protection for dogs and pets.

– Completely Waterproof
– Odorproof & Sweatproof
– Machine Washable
– Soft and Comfortable
– Lighter weight to stay
cooler in hot weather

Seat Shield Elite Sport

Installing it is very self explanatory

Install Seat Shield

It will wrap around the whole seat because it’s a cover!

Seat Shield Back

Before Seat Shield is installed in a Honda CRZ

Before Seat Shield Installed CRZ

After Seat Shield is installed in a Honda CRZ

Seat Shield Elite Installed

Sizing of the Cover :

Seat Shield Size

As you can see, the size of the seat cover is very small. I used my hat as a reference point. It is NOT a thick seat cover.


It can easily be stored in the glove compartment of your car for easy access. Please also note that, this is ONLY to be used when you’re drenched in sweat. Using this as an everyday cover is a big no-no. It will slip right off your seats because there’s nothing to hold it in one place. (although it says it on their site “reduce sliding”)

In Action:

It does the job pretty well! No matter how sweaty you are, the cover will not leak out to hit your seats. BUT this seat will NOT absorb sweat. Think of this as sitting on plastic.

I sat down after a 15 mile run and when I got out of my car there was nothing on the seat cover and when I pulled it off, there was not a drop of sweat.


Yes this product is washable but I personally have not washed it yet because after a few times, it still doesn’t have an odor.

Mud Runs?

This will definitely work with mud runs like the Spartan Race or Tough Mudder. Take caution because the mud on these mud runs will get on everything in your car that is not covered and this cover is limited to only your seats.

Final Words:

It’s worth the buy if you’re always going to use it. The price is a little steep for the Elite. I bought only 1 since I didn’t like the fact that it will cost me around $70 for a pair. Seriously!? But other than the pricing of this seat cover, I like it a lot and there has not been a run when I have not used it.

The company was quick to ship it out and their customer service was responsive.

*Star Rating: 8.5/10

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