Crown Weightlifting Gloves Review

I had the chance to pick up some workout gloves and went online to find some reviews. I couldn’t find anything that I wanted and my old gloves were really worn out. I went on Amazon to search for the best workout gloves since my local Big 5 didn’t have anything good.

Crown Gear Gloves

As a runner I needed some color and the plain black gloves were just out of the question. Come on now! Runners love bright colors. Luckily I came across Crown Gear and found these gloves with color! At the time of this post, there’s about 50 reviews and it’s on 4.5 starts so it must be good.

Did I really want to pull the trigger on workout gloves that cost almost $50?


First a word of warning. I’m not a bodybuilding and I lift about 2-3x a week. Most of my workouts result in running outside vs inside the gym.

Let’s start with the review shall we?

Fit and Size:

I was a little skeptic on buying the gloves since I never buy anything like clothing online unless I know the true fit. The gloves was a hard decision on size even though they had this chart:

Crown Gear Glove Size

According to this chart I was in between a Medium and a Large. Ughh..I took my chances with the large and they surprisingly fit great. The only thing I didn’t like was that the gloves had a little extra on the end so when I would close my knuckles, it felt too long.

crown gear workout gloves palm crown gear workout large gloves

crown gear wrist velcro

crown gear length

**3 WEEK UPDATE: The gloves feel broken in and that “extra” piece I’m talking about no longer bothers me. It feels better after a few uses outside of the box


The gloves are black and red and gives off a great look. It reminded me of Manny Pacman’s boxing gloves. I usually don’t like the color red but this gives a bold look to go with your work out gear.

crown gear gloves ez pull


The gloves had rubber pads on the inside and grips like a champ. You can easily do push ups and pull ups because of the thick rubber padding. Personally, I love the padding since it keeps me from getting a callus. The pads are positioned so when you’re gripping the bar, it surrounds your palms.

crown gear gloves padding

My only issue with the padding was that it started to peel away. I contacted Crown Gear and they sent me a replacement right away. My right glove was worn in the middle portion but on the left was just fine.


For $50 this better be worth the craftsmanship and this is why I purchased them in the first place. I bought these gloves because I wanted something with higher quality vs other competitors.

Wristband: The length of the band is 19″ and attaches from the glove. It’s will wrap around your wrist twice. The first strap is Velcro that goes around the top of your arm and the 2nd is on the end of the band that wraps around itself. The quality of the velcro is GREAT and looks pretty sturdy.

Stitching: Pretty tight stitching and it goes well with the red and black. I have no complaints here.

Genuine Leather: Soft and looks durable but in my opinion it could be a little better. However, I’m not complaining on this one either.

Stretchy Fabric: Overall it’s very flexible and my knuckles land right on the seams where it stretches. You can easily give a fist pump!

“EZ Pull off system”: This is god mode! After a workout I can easily pull away the gloves from my hands. There are 2 red little pockets that your opposite finger can hold and pull the glove right off. This is the BEST thing about the gloves!

Rubber Padding: It’s positioned on areas where you’re going to need the grips. I think they are positioned well but the rubber pads aren’t well made. I may have a defect so I’m not going to put this against them and I got a replacement.

Final Words:

I would recommend this to most people who are looking for decent gloves. The color, durability and the “EZ Pull off System” are the top 3 things I like about the Crown Gear Gloves. Since I’m not a hardcore gym rat, I can’t give a fair opinion if this would work well for someone who can bench my body weight LOL. For the average joe, this is enough and I’m sure you’re not going to have any issues.

I was going to rate this glove 9/10 but the fact that the rubber pads on my gloves were easily worn out, I’m going to have to rate this a little lower.

Rating: 8/10 Stars

Check out Amazon’s reviews here for a 2nd opinion:

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