5 Things that you should know about Runners

There’s going to be a lot of non-runners out there and many of them will think we are weird and it’s some religious cult. Some people love to stereotype runners by calling them crazy for running 5 miles and others will be speechless when they find our you just ran 10 miles.

Either way people (runners) who run are easy to be around with and majority has an open-mind.

1) Running is a HUGE part of our lives. Each mile is important to us and each time we are out on the field, we do not like to be bothered.

2) We love to brag about how far & how fast we ran. No one admits it but we brag once in a while. But there are moments where we don’t want to discuss our runs because the person might think we are weird for running so far.

3) Runner’s High doesn’t mean you smoked pot then run. Just throwing it out there, pretty funny if someone actually thought people would smoke then run.

4) Every run we do is tracked using a GPS Watch or devices that track movement. The majority of runners have devices that they have to track our pace and distance. It will also tell you when dinner is ready too!

5) Food & Beer after every race is awesome. So much for being health conscious right? This is by personal preference and if you’re going to ask me, yes I enjoy a good beer after a
well-deserved” run.

That’s all for now fellow runners. Get off my blog and start to run

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Running Fanatic who loves to inspire people through Social Media. I have been running for over 3 years ranging from mud runs, 5k and all the way up to marathon running. Isn't it great to run!?