Westin Hotels, New Balance and Running

I travel about twice a year and have been to at least 4 countries with my running attire. I’m such a fanatic that it’s the first thing I always pack and non-runners just think I’m crazy. I’m crazy enough to do a few miles on the Carnival Cruise Lines after a night of wine… That’s dedicated isn’t it?

Why Hotels Matter:

I even went down to Anaheim and did the Disneyland Half Marathon (see post). All I cared about was COMFORT during my stay and shuttle service (if needed). There’s no way I’m going to stay at anything lower then a 3 star hotel EVER. Not because I’m better then everyone, but because it’s uncomfortable for my personal taste. There’s nothing like staying at higher end hotels because you get the luxury and service.

But Why Westin?

I stayed at a Westin in San Francisco for the first time since it was Halloween weekend, I booked locally to avoid anyone driving home. This isn’t a room review so I’ll move forward, you can find my review on TripAdvisor. Front desk tells me about their SPG Program and I signed up along with a “like” on Facebook.

Running + Westin + New Balance

Weeks later I see their posts on their facebook … Well what do you know, they are affiliated with running and New Balance. 2 of my favorite things all in one bundle! How cool is that? Doing a few more Google searches, they are seriously getting into taking care of us runners.

End Thoughts:

I’d like to say that for my next out of town race, I’ll definitely book with them! Just because they are active within the running community and carter to us runners.

**This post is NOT sponsored by Starwoodhotels or New Balance. This is simply my thoughts on what I found.

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