San Francisco Marathon 2013 Update

It’s right around the corner, literally from today! It looks like the San Francisco Marathon organizers are taking extra precautions due to the Boston Marathon Bomber.

There will be restrictions like this one which I’m pretty angry about:

2.  Any type of container or carrier exceeding 8½-by-11-by-4 inches will not be permitted on the course.  If you plan to run with a hydration pack or carrier, it will be searched before entering the starting line and must not exceed this size requirement.

The camelbak/hydration pack that I was using exceeds this size and this is what I was using to train for the last few months and I can’t even use it! However since there are aid stations every 2 miles, I’m not going to be angry about it. My safety and the safety of others are important and the last thing we want is a repeat of what happened.

If you guys need more informatoin on this, you can find it in your emails if you’re registered or on this URL

So to everyone who’s going, I will be there on Saturday tweeting and instagram.

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