What to eat before running

Nutrition and preparation is more than half the battle when you’re going to run. You can’t expect a high performance car to run well without giving it special gas and oil. This goes the same for your body and how you take care of it. Getting a full night sleep and proper nutrition will increase your time and distance. Although when I ran the 10k I literally had 1 hour of sleep, because I was too excited and I do not recommend anyone else doing that. The following is recommended for longer runs and healthy lifestyle.

  • Carbs : The fuel that’s being burned for cardiovascular exercise which is commonly found in whole grain bread or fruits and veggies! It’s very important to carb load before long distance runs usually over 10 Miles. Although do not neglect carbs in shorter runs either. Please do not eat a Donut and drink beer because I said carbs.
  • Protein: You’re not a bodybuilder so there is no reason to have tons of this stuff. Protein helps rebuild muscles after any form of exercise to make it strong the next time around. Too much protein will have its side effects during a run because it will take longer to digest. Before a run try not to eat so much but eat some afterwards to help your damaged muscles
  • Fat: Be very careful when dealing with fat because too much of it will have a huge impact. I hope you knew that already! Flax oil or salmon will do well for this category and the omega 3 pills.
  • H20: This is very important for any run. I don’t care if you’re running half a mile to 26.2 Miles. You need to drink lots of water and learn how your body handles it. Drink a lot the night before and a little bit right before the run. Bring water with you until you learn how far you can do without. I learned how to handle water and I prepare daily by drinking lots of it. I can now run 7 Miles without water and anything higher, I would need to bring it along.


  1. Fruits : Apples, oranges, Bananas
  2. Oatmeal is a really good one with high carbs and it’s easily digested
  3. “Adult “ Cereal with milk – Sorry not Captain Crunch!
  4. Bagel or toast with spread of your choice
  5. Energy Bar such as Clif Bar

What I personally eat :

  1. Cereal – I have this thing about drinking the milk will hydrate you before the run. *not everyone can work with milk on a workout, it works for me but after looking up information, use at your own risk*
  2. Clif Bar – Gotta love these bars, it has everything that you need
  3. Banana – Easy to carry around and not messy like peeling an orange

This should be good for your preparation and pre-workout

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