7 Reasons you’re hesitating to sign up for a Spartan Race

These are some reasons why you are not registered for the race. Think of this article as a motivation tool. If you check the bottom of the page, there’s also a 15% Off Coupon for Spartan Races

1) I’m Out of Shape and Fat

You really think because you’re a fat person that it’s automatically a legit excuse?

Instead of you being a little baby about it, why not do something about it? When you tell me you’re out of shape you instantly give up on your FAT self. Quit having low-self esteem and jump over every obstacle.

Lose the weight and raise your confidence. You can do it!

Still not convinced? Talk to this guy, he didn’t give up on himself. I’m going to admit he’s not the fittest person out there but he’s one of the toughest people I seen here.

Photo Credit : Spartan Race 2012

2) Its too expensive

I understand if money is tight and can’t afford to spend $100+. There are deals that may have it cheaper but if that’s not available you can always generate extra income. Go on craiglist under gigs, sign up for one!

  • Save Recyclable cans and cash out ( certain states)
  • Barter stuff on craiglist then turn to cash
  • Sell a few of your useless items
  • Fundraiser yourself / ask for donations
  • Part time job

Not your thing? How about you save the money you’re about to spend on your new ipod/iphone etc. and use that money?

Still very lazy? Volunteer at Reebok Spartan Races

Quoted here:

You can earn a free entry into any USA race you volunteer for or defer to a future race credit. All volunteers will get free lunch and drinks, free parking, free festival entry, and a volunteer T-shirt!

Learn to prioritize the spending!

Note: A coupon on the bottom of the page has a 15% OFF Race Offer for Spartan Race Mud runs.


3) Not enough time to train, I have kids.

You will MAKE time to train. Wake up early and hit the gym 3x a week and that should be plenty to get you started. I know you have kids and I’m 100% sure someone out there has made time for everything.

Don’t forget that you will only do this for a few months not your whole life unless you learned to love this! Also don’t give me that excuse of saying you’re not a morning person.

Get over it!

There’s no such thing as a morning person. You can always wake up early, you CHOOSE not to because you would rather sleep and fail.

Learn to Prioritize Time

4) I can’t finish it.


How do you know if you never tried? How far can you go until you throw in the towel? Mile 1? Mile 5? Give yourself a damn chance.
Check these GUYS out, they ran a marathon with minimal to nothing training:

No Training Marathon

Radio Host Runs Marathon

5) My ___ hurts

Maybe you sprained your ankle, OK I understand that.

Sorry! Then join the next race after that! Oh man they have these races a few times a year!  Spartan Race is pretty flexible and will let you transfer your race to another event.

6) I have a medical condition.

This gets a little complicated and I cannot give you advice because this is a case by case basis. But what I can tell you is, go and google what other people with that same condition has done.

Unless it’s some rare condition that lets you see through walls, someone has done something major that beats the odds. I would recommend seeing your doctor to see if you have the green light to do it.

However even then, (so-so bad advice) other people have proven their doctors wrong and went against the will but still made it through.

“For 15 years, doctors told me I would never walk unassisted again”

7) You’re SCARED

You’re such a BABY and just get over the fear. People overall are scared of the unknown because that’s how the human body is programmed, it wants to stay safe at all times.

Personally I was scared because “I can’t lift myself”. I had 3 months to train and could only do 1.5 pull ups. By the time the race came though I was up to 12 pull ups. Was that enough? Yes but not enough for Spartan standards! I even dreamed about the race (yes I was worried)

This is YOURS! NOT mine, not your friend’s. It’s you because you gave up on yourself.


So doing a mudrun is different then running a marathon because a marathon is predictable. A Spartan Race or any mud run will not tell you what to expect. You prepare for the worst and work on everything that you need to know.

Now I have a Spartan Race Promo Code.

I get $0 off this but I dare you to check it out and think about what’s holding you back. Look at the registration and ask yourself why you won’t do it.

So check out the Spartan Race Coupon and see what you think!


Good Luck! – RunningMileCom

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