4 Empowering Running tips

Ever since I ran my first full marathon I have learned a lot mentally and physically. Most of my power came from my own mental thoughts since I learned to believe in myself with minimal help from others. I never had a mentor who was always pushing me and I don’t know any runners close enough to give me their full attention. It was never easy for me and I struggled to run since I was not in shape and don’t look like the typical runner. At one point, my confidence was rock bottom because of other people’s thoughts. They were the ones who never believe in me. The ones who said I’ll never make it and telling me I will never change.

“I’ll never run a marathon, maybe a half”

Those were the exact words I told someone while having lunch at Wendys. Eventually I put my thoughts together and thought like a champion. Everyone started at mile one..even I did. The only difference from myself a few years ago is I took the first steps and never gave up. The harder I worked, the farther I went. I saw the results and I was doing damn well! There was no secret and if you follow what I am about to tell you, anything can be possible. It’s HARD to understand and follow but when the time comes you will succeed.

1) Remove Negative People

This is not the stranger on social media who said you cannot do it. For all I care, if I don’t know you, you are not entitled to your opinion about me. The people who are negative are the ones directly connected to your social circle. I will anger a few people and a few will get really disappointed but I’m telling you the truth. A few of your friends (2nd degree) are the ones who bring you down and who distracts you. I’m telling you today that if you dropped these people now, tomorrow you’d get more work done. They are a distraction to your life and you do not even know it. When they call you, you pick up and drop everything. Because you’re scared if you don’t pick up your phone, they no longer will be your friend. You will burn bridges, but you will make new ones. Remember these people are the ones who say you’re doing GOOD, only when you do not pass them. Once you pass them, they try to bring you down again.

Be unavailable to the ones who keep you from achieving your goals.

Choose your social circle wisely and make sure the ones who said they will be there for you are the ones at the finish-line at 7AM.

2) Surround yourself with Positive Energy

Do you know someone who can easily brighten up a room? The person that greets everybody and is possibly the most humble person you know? They are giving you the right energy to move forward. Those guys are the ones who are successful because they lead the pack with confidence.  Always keep a smile and remember that in every situation, you will learn and it will only benefit you. If you believe good energy always comes to you, the universe is probably helping you harness it. Although I can’t prove it but many people believe in the law of attraction. Everything that you touch will turn to gold! You will be a leader.

Every run you run will only reveal a positive outcome which means your day will also shine bright.

Follow people on social media

Make it a monthly event where you meet new people that has your same interests. Find a local running club and join because this is definitely the best way to get motivated. Join meetup.com , go on instagram, find people!! There is a club for every single thing out there in life. I’m not going to limit you to running, you can find anything! You will only be a champion if you work with others! The advice from people are priceless and should never be taken for granted. Even elites learn from each other because they know when to listen.

3) Listen to motivators daily

Get in the habit of listening to motivational tapes, books, people etc. There are a few good tracks on youtube that energizes your workouts. My personal favorite would be from Eric Thomas; he has a really good speech and the way he delivers is awesome. Just by keeping your mindset to succeed you will move forward each day. You will keep growing and your focus will become larger. Make a list of your goals and every single day make sure you get closer. Eventually you will need tougher goals and harder challenges.

This habit will boost your confidence because each day you’re improving your mindset. Never give excuses because you never know what will happen if you continue. If you never take “no” as an answer, people will be scared of you.

4) Believe in yourself

The toughest thing to do, is to believe in yourself. It’s hard because you do not know what happens at the end. The unknown is SCARY. Sometimes the consequences is too overwhelming that you don’t even bother to do your goals. How do I believe in YOU when you don’t even believe in yourself? Your passion needs to come out, a simple “I can do it” is NOT enough. Need to act and do it, to be it! I don’t care if you’re overweight and can’t even do a mile. If you have a huge heart with a large passion, you’re probably going to succeed. You defy the odds when the odds are against you. How do I know that? Because I did it. I believed in myself when no one else did until I made people see it. I worked so hard that I forgot that believing yourself was part of the process because I made it come naturally.

I hope…

I hope who ever needed that extra boost read my post. You were not born to fit in, you are different. So start now because you were meant to read this message. This post was made for you and a special message from the god that you believe in. I was just the messenger. I just want others to realize they do have the power and nobody can take it away from them.

Thanks for listening! @RunningMileCom , Jason Tolentino

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