US Half Marathon 2012 Review

This is a late review for the US Half in San Francisco. Somehow I missed creating this because I was too busy running. Luckily I Love blogging about running and here we go!

Back in 11/3/2012, I decided I wanted to do a Half Marathon. This was my very first one and I was nervous. I must be half crazy if I wanted to attempt this because it’s 13.1 Miles and only crazy people run that far!

Packet Pick Up

Sports Basement in San Francisco was where you can pick up your bib. I took the BART from my house and took a shuttle from the Hilton which was free for runners. I had no idea it was those fancy shuttles with comfortable seats. That makes sense because they want the runners fresh and good to go for tomorrow.

Decided to get my packet and just chill and relax at Crissy Fields.

US Half Expo

Afterwards I decided to carb up at Blondies Pizza downtown, which is pretty damn good! I had 2 huge slices just to make sure I get enough carbs. Don’t worry it was veggies!

After my early dinner, I went home and got everything ready. As you can see I went overkill but I didn’t bring all those GU packets and Sport Beans. Most of this was for the Spartan Race that comes in 2 weeks later.


I was dropped off at my friend’s house and she decided to drive. We were running a little late and also parking was horrible. We found one and even though we were rushing we still managed to take this “before” picture.

My arm had the PR times that I had in mind but my main goal was to get down to 2:05. This was also considering the course itself that had elevation gain/loss.


Course Map for US Half Marathon 1.

US Half Marathon Map

Elevation Profile:

US Half 2 Elevation

MILE 1 – 5

This is relatively easy because it’s mostly flat. You’re running through at the end of Fishermans Wharp and heading West to Marina Green. I don’t know any other places around the Bay Area where you can experience a beautiful scenery. Along the way you’re passing Crissy Fields and on your left will be The Palace of Fine Arts. There are some hills so be prepared.

Golden Gate

It’s great to be able to run on top of the Golden Gate Bridge. Around Mile 8 or so, you’re on top of the bridge and make a huge loop. Just be aware that there are some hills going down and going up at the end. Don’t worry it’s not too bad.

Then it happens! very first cramp ever in my running career and it was on mile 9.64 at a pace of 06:22 min/mile.

US Half Marathon Cramp

That was so painful that I literally had to stop and limp my way through the remaining of the race. It was somewhat a failure, but at the same time, I did not QUIT. It was a lesson learned not to go faster then what your body is used to when you’re in your training runs.

I tried to make sure I wouldn’t cramp during my run but it happened.

Last 3 Miles

Once you’re down from the Golden Gate bridge, (where I cramped going downhill) it’s a little hilly and you’re taking a similar route but on the other side. There is one last hill which is the same one that you ran up earlier. As I limped my way to the finish-line, I can hear people cheering me on. It didn’t help that my Nike shirt says “Running Sucks”.

I was at a pace of 15/min mile by the end and my leg just gave out. It was over for my legs at that point.

Pain & Exhaustion

That’s what I felt at the end but hey! I completed my first half marathon with a time of 2:28:14. Not too bad considering I did stop for a few minutes to recover from my cramp.


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