Can you seriously go straight to a Spartan Beast?

This year, in my network, there has been a lot of Spartan Race talk and I always answer the same question. Everyone is always like “Jason, have you done a trifecta?”

My honest answer is always 100% of the time is “Nope, I haven’t.”. Then they ask me why I don’t challenge myself to get it? Sometimes I shrug it off and tell them in this point in my life I don’t have time to train for it. Part of that last sentence is true, I am super uber busy that I make time for things and live on a schedule. If I REALLY wanted to do it, I would do it. Remember I am now on my OWN, not working for a company… sort of.

Why was my answer so vague? 

Honestly, I don’t like to brag much about the races and everything else I do to a certain extent. I got tired of being that guy who done everything and everyone knows. To those people who do follow me, they know what I have accomplished.

I can see a lot of people training real hard for a Trifecta. They take classes, go on a hardcore diet and drink their magical drinks. I give them props and it’s real awesome.

For beginners I don’t want to spoil their moment. The little guys are the ones who eventually become champions.

Something I admit.

I did go from nothing to a Spartan Beast but I was a runner for the most part. Where I’m coming from is, I went straight for the kill and why would I go half the distance I can do now? From my perspective, I’m able to do 13-15 miles of mud runs, why go the other way down to a super or a sprint? Not saying those are easy but once you’re up there you’re just up there.

I think I killed my own joy and I don’t want that to happen to anyone else.

So what’s in it for you?   

Joe DeSena has another book coming out that empowers everyone to start their own transformation. Although I have not read it, the previews are pretty good.

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