Across the Bay 12k Race 2015

Can’t wait until the end of April and as part of #TeamRuntheBay I’m fortunate enough to promote such a nice race.

With just a little over a week until Race day, I completely neglected training. If you haven’t read my updates on RunningMileCom instagram updates, you probably didn’t know. As an avid runner and completely going nuts over running, I slowly taper out this year and for most of last year. You can read about “Why I quit running and started bulking”.

The Course:

12k Across the Bay Course Map

Unlike the Wipro San Francisco Marathon, this is completely going the opposite direction. The race starts at Sausalito then you make your way back into San Francisco around Fort Mason. For those of you who don’t venture much in the North Bay, be sure to check it out before the race. There’s a lot of cyclist and nice fancy restaurants. Did you know that you can also take the Ferry from the East Bay to get there?

You must take the shuttle to get to the starting line. Realistically, you will have to have someone drop you off or drive to Aquatic Park. You cannot take BART because it normally doesn’t run early on Sundays. I found that out the hard way years back when I was late for work.

Since there’s no elevation chart just yet, expect rolling hills in the beginning of the race. I road my bike on the route and well… that wasn’t too fun, it was somewhat steep.

However when you get to the golden gate, it’s not as difficult since it’s mostly downhill and flat. Beautiful Crissy fields will welcome you. Although I had bad memories at Crissy field on my last 2 miles of the US Half Marathon back in 2012 LOL.

I hope to see a few of you guys! Oh BTW! Save $$ and use my referral code, this just helps run the web site a bit OK!?

Register here:

Across the Bay Promo Code JT


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