I want to remove negative people in my life

Thank you Tyrese Gibson. An unlikely source but today you’re a hero in my book. I love your music but I had no idea you had a collection of motivational speeches and books. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jq9qle2WSSo It’s been a few years since I started a new career and I have found the door to move out of

How I met Spartan Race

Back then there was no puzzle pieces to the trifecta and none of this fancy stuff. The year was 2012 , 3 years ago around this time. It was a time that nobody knew much about the Spartan Race. Everyone knew what Tough Mudder was all about and the type of obstacle race. Don’t ask

Memorial Day promo code for Spartan Race

What do we have here? A memorial day promotion code for us Spartans. Use Promo Code : MEMORIAL Expires 5/27/15 It’s been quite a while since I did a mud run and I’m going to do the San Francisco one in JULY. It’s a little too short and easy but this should be fun. Let

Across the Bay 12k Race 2015

Can’t wait until the end of April and as part of #TeamRuntheBay I’m fortunate enough to promote such a nice race. With just a little over a week until Race day, I completely neglected training. If you haven’t read my updates on RunningMileCom instagram updates, you probably didn’t know. As an avid runner and completely

New Year Resolution : Spartan Aroo!!

What’s good with your new years resolution? Did you know that a lot of people’s top 3 is to “lose weight for new years?”. I have to give it up to the Reebok Spartan Race series, they have been very good to myself and our team. It’s the time of year where you’re trying to

Core 150 Shaker Review

I’m catching myself spending money on quality gear. First it was the Crown weight lifting gloves and now it’s a protein shaker bottle. I was searching through Amazon and found the Core 150 .

Crown Weightlifting Gloves Review

I had the chance to pick up some workout gloves and went online to find some reviews. I couldn’t find anything that I wanted and my old gloves were really worn out. I went on Amazon to search for the best workout gloves since my local Big 5 didn’t have anything good. As a runner

Spartan UP! by Joe De Sena

I had the opportunity to read a little bit about the Spartan UP! Synopsis. It was pretty interesting on what the book will cover. It tells you about everything to improve yourself overall, not just food and diet. The mindset of a Spartan will get covered in this new upcoming book. I think it’s going

408k Race to the Row San Jose,CA

This year it’s looking bright for me since I been working with a few different companies. I found Represent Running through IG (or they found me) and we connected. Well today I been working with them and became part of the 408k Ambassador! Let me describe what this race is about since its a little

Northern California 10-Miler Series Discount

Did you guys see the discount code? The Northern California 10-Miler Series is promoting a new code.