Spartan UP! by Joe De Sena

I had the opportunity to read a little bit about the Spartan UP! Synopsis. It was pretty interesting on what the book will cover. It tells you about everything to improve yourself overall, not just food and diet. The mindset of a Spartan will get covered in this new upcoming book. I think it’s going to be very exciting when Joe De Sena goes over advice and guidance about the Spartan Race series.

Since I have done a Spartan Beast, it does change your lifestyle and it makes you unbeatable. There’s so much aspects to the race that it’s very similar to running a marathon. I like how the preview shows that on Chapter 2, it’s going to be “Your Will” that is the strongest obstacle you need to beat. Brings me back to the months that scared me prior to my first Spartan Race. I just realized that it was the fear that made me think I was going to fail. But when I physically did the races, it was tough but my physical body was able to do it. I was not the best but the principal was, I beat myself. I beat everything about me.

I’m really excited into getting this book. I hope its good enough to inspire everyone else who just started running a Spartan Race.


Pre-Order Now! Releases May 13th!

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