Singapore Runner Cheats

I love reading running news and makes me smile each time I see one that’s highlighted on Yahoo! News. Not all news are good news and here is one that’s a disgrace to the community. I could careless but there are just certain things I’d like to point out.

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A runner in Singapore cheats his way into the marathon by taking a shortcut and ran 3.7 miles. He only wanted a shirt and the medal. Looks like it got to him so he confessed.


According to the article:

Speaking to The Straits Times, Tam said he simply wanted to make sure he could collect his medal and T-shirt for finishing the race.

Oh man.. Mr. Tam you’re making me laugh. As I schedule my future races, I have to check if there’s a medal that you can earn. The best part of running is getting the medal when you actually finish first or finish the race. PERIOD. It’s always good to get the special 1st place medal but remember that you’re always cheating yourself.

I have respect that you’re a marathon runner and you could probably beat me (except on this marathon haha). But could you at least try and win it?

Another excerpt that I found hilarious was:

He added: “I never thought about going home midway. It would have been like giving up.”

Face Palm

Sometimes the world surprises me even though I have read some weird things.

If my brain gets this right this is the way to win:

  • You’re injured
  • You can take a shortcut
  • At all costs you can’t go home
  • Cheating is better then a DNF

Hmm…. I might just take that up? (NOT!)

What do you guys think? I found this article pretty hilarious. Oh BTW I’m going to assume you can’t liter the cups at the watering station?

Hey Mr. Tam if you’re reading this shoot me a tweet or an email. I’d seriously want to speak to you.

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