Memorial Day promo code for Spartan Race

What do we have here? A memorial day promotion code for us Spartans.

Use Promo Code : MEMORIAL

Expires 5/27/15

It’s been quite a while since I did a mud run and I’m going to do the San Francisco one in JULY. It’s a little too short and easy but this should be fun. Let me explain something….


This gets a little personal for me and I need to give my input. There was a time in my life where I remember seeing a mud run on youtube. Here I was 225lbs (2010/2011) thinking to myself that I will NEVER EVER do a mud run. Actually, I would never run period. I remember seeing a bunch of guys with their shirts off celebrating with a beer. I remember thinking how EPIC it would be if I had the guts to do it. The taste of low-confidence and low-self esteem was affecting my mental and physical abilities.

“I was nobody special”

This was a time where I had no idea who I was. I started to realize I was unhealthy and decided to lose some weight. Started running on the treadmill in the gym and made it on pavement months later. Then one day in 2012, my friend talked me into signing up for a Spartan Race. The rest is history and I eventually I completed my first mud run which was Spartan Beast Sacramento 2012

So for a limited time signed up today and run with me!


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