408k Race to the Row San Jose,CA

This year it’s looking bright for me since I been working with a few different companies. I found Represent Running through IG (or they found me) and we connected. Well today I been working with them and became part of the 408k Ambassador!

Let me describe what this race is about since its a little different. This is an 8k race call “Race to the Row” from downtown San Jose going up to Santana Row which happens on March 2nd, 2014 (Don’t worry you can skip out on your pricey Lululemon attire) I joke! It’s only one way so you’re going to have to take a shuttle/bus back or just run back! Come on a 10miler round-trip can’t be that bad right 🙂

The Course can be found here: http://www.the408k.com/race-info/traffic/

You can find the promotional video here:

March is also going to be a little cold but if you want to experience Bay Area weather, here’s a great example. If you notice in the video, Represent Running makes a really beautiful course.

I saved the best news for last and everyone is probably wondering…

Where is the medal?

If you complete the series,

  • The San Jose 408k (8k Run) March 2nd, 2014
  • 415 Mile & Miracle Mile (5 + 1 Mile) July 2014
  • Let’s go 510 (10k) October 2014

You get this awesome medal!

I run the Bay

Also @RunningMileCom has the Hook up!

Use 408k Race to the Row Promo code : 408hookup & get $4.08 OFF

408k promo code


I hope to see you guys there and remember don’t be shy and say hello to JASON!

PS: Santana Row has a lot of great food but it’s on the pricey side so bring a few hundred dollar bills 🙂

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