Today I quit my day job to pursue my dreams

It’s not the easiest decision for most people and it was a difficult situation. In this point in my life I had a late “quarter-life” crisis because I thought I knew what I want but it wasn’t the way I wanted it to become. I had a great job with great benefits and decent pay. This was the most income I have made in my twenties and I was content with it. The time looked right and if I wanted to be just like most people, I would had saved up for my wedding this year. Continue with my career and eventually make more money and have kids. Great path and there is NOTHING wrong with it. Take 2-3 weeks of vacation each year and next thing you know, that 401k pays off!

More Money = More Problems

Although my pay rate did go up drastically, I had more responsibilities and I found myself hating everyday. After a certain amount of months I realized how high-stressed this environment became. I work with great people but things were always hitting the fan and fingers were being pointed. Fortunately, I was very active so I didn’t binge drink but I found myself having a beer on real stressed out days. My main priority was to finish each day with hard work then play hard on the weekends. Mentally, I had no issues with money and it was all too easy to go out and spend. Remember I wasn’t wealthy at any means, but I had enough for fun and games.

Turning Point…

2015 I took my trip to the Bahamas. We went to Exuma which is another island in the Bahamas where it was peace and quiet. I rented out an AirBnb next to the beach taking up the 2nd floor. A little background about Exuma, it was supposed to be a booming economy where huge chain hotels set foot. But somehow failed and the nice beaches were just forgotten.

I almost cried tears of joy because of “nothingness”. The feeling I had at those moments were the best nothing-feeling I ever had. There was not much people around besides the guests below us and the main downtown area closed early. Only a few shops were open and that was it. Why was I was HAPPY? Jeez there REALLY was NOTHING to do. I can’t even explain that feeling. I was not bored period.

Happiness = NOTHING

From my corporate fast-pace environment to this island life of nothing-ness, I ended up reflecting on myself. Sitting down on the beach chair on the 2nd floor of the beach rental and looking at the clear blue water, I was stress-free. For the first time since I had the job I was at a place where no one can get me. No phone calls, no emails, just myself. I remembered in my early 20s of my aspiring dreams and what I wanted to do when I got “older”. Life happens and you tend to forget most of it in the mix. I did and I’m not proud that I somehow forget all my dreams. My big dreams, not short-term dreams because I later found out they were ridiculously easy.

Back to work

Imagine coming in the work fresh from vacation. With a smile on your face, head held high, and you wear your best suit and tie. You land on a Wednesday and back to work the very next day. A few minutes in the office hot water is thrown at you and life started all over again. Definitely expected but I’d admit, I got a little too soft when I got back.  I told my fiancee 2 weeks later, I WANT OUT!. She advised me to wait another few months because I may be having vacation withdrawals. So I agreed and sucked it all up. The next few months just got worse than before. Stress level went higher and I was switched to another department which turned into hell.

I want out

I saved money for a few months, talked to my network and I had a plan. The biggest financial risk was about to happen and questions started to pop. How do I get paid for day to day expenses? I made another plan to self-improve myself. I quit thinking so much negative because positive thinking is the way to go. Every single day for the next 3-4 months I told myself.. “Jason, in XX days you will be out, are YOU sure?”. I nearly choked when I turned in my 2 weeks notice. Bitter sweet. People tried to stop me and it even got so close that I almost withdrew. If I did it for others and stayed, would they do the same for me? If I got a promise that I would never get cut, would it stand? Well in the end, this decision was for ME. Not for anyone else.

Last Day at work

Such a sad day because my co-workers were bummed out and I was personally feeling the same way because they wanted me to stay. As I walked to halls for the last time, I knew all the stress was about to be over soon. In the end I did leave and never been happier. Who needs a powerball ticket when you won the world in your own eyes? Your own battles, your own war, you win, and you may lose.

Moving Forward

Essentially I will be improving my financial status and my own personal self. If you’re wondering what exactly will happen check this out.

  •  Make money with B2B marketing
  • Read books (I never believed in inspirational books but I do now)
  • Wear same clothing (less decision making)
  • 5am Gym sessions (if you FAIL the day you still accomplished physical appearance)
  • Remove PC in the bedroom
  • Attend “meet up” one a month
  • Remove negative people in my life
  • Dare to fail
  • Change Body language
  • Give back/volunteer
  • Learn to speed read
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