Bose Sie2 Sport Headphones Review for Running

These sport headphones are popular among runners because of the sound quality and the functionality for a runner. I received these as a birthday present last year and it’s the longest pair of earphones that I have used. Other competitors either have low quality sound but great function or quality sound but horrible function. I don’t think wearing your Beats by Dre would the best for running a marathon.


These can go from $107-$134

Remember that these sport buds aren’t your typical cheap $20-$30 pair. The difference between the prices is due to the built-in microphone inline and colors.

Bose Sie2 Sport Earphones

The Bose Sie2’s come with

  • Sport Headphones 3MM
  • 3 Earpieces from S,M,L
  • Reebok Armband
  • 1 Year warranty

Bose Sie2 Accessories


Ever since I used them in the gym and out in the track, they have never fell off. They mold inside your ear and very comfortable and will not irritate your ear even for marathon running. It does match well with my ipod shuffle because of the size.

Bose Sie2 Ear Fit

The armband fits well around my arm and gives it a snug fit. My only complaint about the band is how it only supports iphones at the moment. I own a NOTE2 now and it doesn’t fit and will NEVER fit. However I did own a Galaxy S2 and I forced it to fit.

Bose Sie2 with Credit Cards

Credit cards can fit about 2-3 cards if you’re willing to stretch it however new keys will never work.

Bose Sie2 with S2

Reebok Armband on my arm

Reebok Armband


I’m no audiophile so I can’t judge much about the sound. It has a fair amount of bass which sounds really good for a very small speaker. If you turn the volume up all the way max, you can’t hear much from the outside. With the average volume, you can hear cars and runners behind you. That’s a good thing because you do NOT want headphones that completely isolate you from danger.

Build Quality:

Unfortunately, I had to use the warranty because the speaker grill inside the earphones came off. It made a little bit of buzzing but not noticeable. This happened in about 11 month mark but Bose replaced it right away with barley any questions asked. Great warranty!

They are sweat proof and I have every race and training run to prove it to you. I have ran when it was pouring and it did nothing to the headphones, I was more worried about my pace time!

Sie2 with ipod shuffle

Since there’s 2 cords (1 extension), it did very poorly with time. The little connectors were cracking, probably due to all the salt and moisture it was absorbing.

Please note that I’m an “extreme” user and I have put about 1 year and 800+miles on these


Cheap headphones, I would change them faster then I would change shoes. These actually lasted about 11 months until the warranty kicked in and even then, I probably didn’t need to exchange it. Price is on the premium sound but will not break your wallet if you sound all the times I bought cheap earphones. If you truly care about sound, you might have to go with another pair. Other then that, I would highly recommend this to other runners.

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