Bay To Breakers Promo code 2019 $5 Off

Well it’s the time of year again when we all want to run Bay to breakers. I will be running this race for the 6th time and every time, I always end up finding some random costumes. This race lands on a few races I’d like to run but I really don’t want to break

5 Reasons to run bay to breakers 2018 and get $5 Off

5 Reasons why I run Bay to Breakers every year UPDATE FOR 2019: Check out this post: Let’s face it, Bay to Breakers is one of the most unique races in the world. I’m a runner and have ran 5ks all the way up to a full marathon, I have about 40+ races under my

Sweat on Car Seats Solution

It’s been a few years now since I bought the Seat Shield on Amazon. Let’s go over and review this once again now that it’s 2017. This review is for runners and gym rats who love to sweat…also if you have what they call “swamp ass“. Since I bought the seat shield, I have used

Wow What’s this – Spartan Race Season Pass 2017

Oh…is this Savings I hear with passes?? It’s been a while since I wrote about our friends over at Reebok Spartan Race. This year I wasn’t able to participate due to a crazy running schedule and helping out with a start up company. I just got news that there will be 3 types of passes

5 years from now I’ll own a GTR

All of this law of attraction talk is motivating me to hit my goals. There’s a lot of youtubers and articles about this whole concept and I have been in the right track. We even hear celebrities talking about this and it’s all the same concepts. Everyone had a goal in mind and they somehow

Can you seriously go straight to a Spartan Beast?

This year, in my network, there has been a lot of Spartan Race talk and I always answer the same question. Everyone is always like “Jason, have you done a trifecta?” My honest answer is always 100% of the time is “Nope, I haven’t.”. Then they ask me why I don’t challenge myself to get

Today I quit my day job to pursue my dreams

It’s not the easiest decision for most people and it was a difficult situation. In this point in my life I had a late “quarter-life” crisis because I thought I knew what I want but it wasn’t the way I wanted it to become. I had a great job with great benefits and decent pay.

4 Empowering Running tips

Ever since I ran my first full marathon I have learned a lot mentally and physically. Most of my power came from my own mental thoughts since I learned to believe in myself with minimal help from others. I never had a mentor who was always pushing me and I don’t know any runners close

You shouldn’t live in the past

This goes for pretty much anything in any situation. It can be a relationship choice, career, business, etc. Don’t be scared to move forward with your choices when you have already thought this through. I know it’s difficult and I’m not the best person to let things go but when you had enough, you had

You are your own enemy

It’s real easy to blame someone else for your own problems. It makes you feel good that you were able to delegate your problems to someone else. You start by lying to yourself and eventually you were able to lie that you believed it yourself. Prime Examples by RunningMileCom When I first wanted to lose